Prawn Yaki Udon Noodles


300 gms sticks of Japanese Udon Noodles
2-3 Tbsp Oil
3-4 big cloves of Garlic, roughly chopped
5 Mushrooms, sliced
1 cup Cabbage, sliced
1 cup Spring Onions, sliced
1 cup Onions, sliced
1 Carrot, julienned
200 gms Prawns, cleaned and deveined
Pinch of Sugar
1 Tsp Paprika Powder

For Stir-fry Sauce:

2 Tbsp Soy Sauce
1 Tbsp Dark Soy Sauce
1 Tbsp Oyster Sauce
1 Tsp Sugar
1 Tsp (Rice) Vinegar
1 Tsp Oil


In a bowl, combine the ingredients for the stir-fry sauce

Heat a large vessel of water on high heat and when boiling, change the heat to medium and add the noodles. Let them be for 7-8 minutes.

Once soft, drain the water and run the noodles under cold water. Sprinkle some oil over them and toss to prevent sticking

Heat oil in a large wok on high heat and first add in the cabbage. Keep sautéing it for a few seconds and then add a pinch of sugar to help the caramelization process

Once a bit browned, add in the garlic and toss for a few seconds before adding the onions and spring onion whites, with 1 Tsp of the stir-fry sauce. Saute them for about a minute

Now add the mushrooms and saute them well. Add in the prawns along with 1 Tsp of the sauce and mix well till they start to curl up

Add the carrots and toss everything well for about a minute. Then add in the Udon noodles a little at a time and sprinkle 1 Tsp of sauce and a bit of paprika powder over them, everytime you add a bunch

Use kitchen forceps to toss them well with the veggies and the prawns until they’re combined well in the sauce

Turn off the heat, sprinkle some spring onion greens over the noodles, and you’re ready to serve!

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