MOOD when you start prioritizing your mental health as much as your nutrition. t…

MOOD when you start prioritizing your mental health as much as your nutrition. the two really go hand in hand in so many ways- in partnership with rxbar i’m sharing some of my favorite simple tips that allow me to honor my mental health as much as i do my physical health. 🤍

these are things that have become habits for me overtime rather than a chore- they keep me feeling like the best version of me!

•eating a minimally processed, whole food diet has been shown to positively impact mental health. fill your grocery cart with a variety of vibrant produce, snacks like rxbar’s which are naturally sweetened with dates, and foods that make you feel your best!

•don’t jeopardize your mental health for the sake of being extremely restrictive. allow yourself to fully enjoy meals out to eat with friends, food made by family at gatherings, and foods that connect us to our culture. we eat for so many reasons beyond nourishment!

•plan your meals and groceries before heading to the store on sunday! having a plan for the week can reduce a lot of stress. there are some sundays where i have little desire to run errands, but i know that my mental health with suffer if i don’t make it a priority to set myself up for a healthy and productive week!

•check in with yourself and the food you’re eating- how do they really make you FEEL? being more mindful of our every day choices can have a huge impact on our overall health! some “feel good foods” for me include: antioxidant-rich foods like berries and leafy greens, healthy fats like avocados and nuts, and simple ingredients like lemon and fresh herbs that increase the flavor of my meals!

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