top 10 recipes to make this holiday weekend! some of my favorite crowd pleaser recipes, and they are also some of the most popular recipes on the blog! promise no one will know these are healthier options ?

all recipe names listed below; use the search bar on the home page of the blog to find the one you’re looking for!

1. gluten free strawberry lemon loaf
2. gluten free + vegan jalapeño poppers
3. gluten free + dairy free strawberry shortcake
4. gluten free + vegan s’mores bars
5. honey lemon ricotta toast (gf + df options)
6. gluten free pretzel bites
7. gluten free blueberry peach crisp
8. vegan cheese broccoli
9. gluten free banana cake with dairy free chocolate frosting
10. gluten free pizza pretzels

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