Spinach and ‘ricotta’ ravioli from melisustunnn

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(This recipe made 38 raviolis – around 5 portions)

Details –
The dough:
– 150g plain flour
– 150g semolina
– 130ml warm water
– 1/2 tbsp olive oil
– pinch of salt

The spinach and ‘ricotta’ filling:
– 100g firm tofu tofooco
– 70g nushfoods cream cheese
– 150g spinach
– 1 clove of garlic
– 1 tbsp vegan pesto sacla_uk
– 1 tbsp nutritional yeast
– 1 tsp onion powder
– 2 tsp mixed herbs
– 1 tbsp olive oil
– salt & pepper

To serve:
– fresh rosemary & basil
– toasted pine nuts
– olive oil

1. Start by mixing the flour, semolina and salt. Stir together, add in the water and oil and knead in to a dough. Place on a floured surface and continue kneading.
2. Wrap the dough ball in some cling film and leave it in the fridge for an hour.
3. Meanwhile start on the filling by adding some oil to a pan, crumbling in the tofu and adding the garlic, mixed herbs, salt and pepper.
4. Take off the heat then add in the cream cheese, nutritional yeast, onion powder and pesto.
5. Cook the spinach in a pan then drain any liquid before chopping it up and adding it to the tofu. Mix all together.
6. After an hour, roll out your dough until it’s very thin on a floured surface. Make sure there’s enough flour otherwise it’ll stick to the surface and won’t work.
7. Cut out little circles with a cutter. Alternatively, you can cut them in to 2×2” squares.
8. Add half a tsp of the filling to the center of one of the circles then add some water around the edges. Place another circle on top and flatten the sides. I used a fork to press down the edges. Repeat until they’re all done. (Any leftover filling can be used as a pasta sauce later on.)
9. Boil some water and add them in one by one. Cook for 3-5 minutes then lightly fry them in some oil, more garlic and mixed herbs. You can dry toast the pine nuts at this point.
10. Serve with the garlicy oil sauce, fresh rosemary and basil and the pine nuts.

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