Breakfast toasts by Comply with us for extra vegan recipes . . Which one would yo…

Breakfast toasts by veganiina

Comply with us vegan.recipes4u for extra vegan recipes πŸ’šπŸŒ±
πŸ’œ Which one would you eat??πŸ‘‡

(All on gluten free breadπŸ₯–)⁣
πŸ₯‘ hummus, tofu β€œbacon” (bbq marinated tofu slices fried in a bit of oil on a pan), avocado and salt/pepper⁣
πŸ₯œcrunchy peanut butter, banana, almonds and agave syrup⁣
πŸ…creamy mashed avocado (avocado mashed with a bit of soy yogurt and salt/pepper😍), cherry tomatoes, toasted pine nuts and contemporary basil ⁣
🍊soy yogurt, kumquats (which I don’t actually likeπŸ˜‚) and sunflower seeds ⁣
+ πŸ“strawberries with vegan chocolate hazelnut unfold on the aspect.