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You may wish to take pleasure in this Additional Creamy Traditional Hummus

by naturallyzuzu
along with your favorite pita, veggies, as a variety in wraps, and extra ❤️

​This is the recipe:

Additional Creamy Traditional Hummus
2 cans (15 ouncescans) of natural chickpeas (drain one can and reserve water from the second can)
half of to 1 cup good high quality tahini (add 1 cup for further creamy and fewer for a thicker consistency)
Juice from one giant lemon
Chickpea juice from the can
3-Four cloves of garlic
1-2 tsp salt (alter to your style)
1 tsp pepper
Mix every little thing till clean and creamy. Plate the hummus in a shallow bowl, enhance with chopped purple onions, roasted chickpeas, cherry tomatoes, parsley, lemon wedges, and crushed crimson pepper. Get pleasure from with heat pita bread.

By admin