5-Ingredient ​“Honey” BBQ Tofu by Try this very easy, drool-worthy…

5-Ingredient ​“Honey” BBQ Tofu

by plantcrazii

🤩 Try this very easy, drool-worthy recipe under and tag somebody who loves tofu! 😋

​“Honey” BBQ Tofu
You’ll need:
1 block(450g) of agency Tofu
half cup corn starch
half cup bbq sauce
2 Tb agave syrup or maple syrup
2 Tb oil

Tips on how to:
Reduce tofu in chew dimension triangle items
Coat tofu with corn starch
Fry tofu in scorching oil till all sides of your
tofu is flippantly crispy and set your items apart

Warmth 2 Tb of oil in a pan
Add in agave syrup and bbq sauce and stir till your sauce is lowered to a sticky consistency,
it’s best to see bubbles all all through your sauce

Combine in your crispy tofu items till they’re all coated.
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